Bazista is Looking for Sellers & Promoters Ahead of the Beta Launch

Bazista trading platform, which aims to make e-commerce operations easily accessible for any person in the world by integrating decentralized money as a payment instrument. With about 2 billion people in the world being unbacked Bazista full scope launch will be in India next year. India accounts for about 21% of the global unbanked population and millions of small and micro level businesses which still rely on offline means of trading and cash.

In late December, 2107 Bazista aims to launch Beta version of the platform which will enable users to start trading by using Bitcoin and Ether and announces the start of recruitment campaign to drive the first buyers and sellers to the platform. The company will reward its early adopters:

  • Sellers / retailers / merchants that will join before the ICO end will be able to operate for free until the platform’s full scope launch in Q2 of 2018;
  • Recruiters that will help Bazista to attract first buyers and sellers will receive their own BZS token payment: 30 BZS – for new registered user, another 30 BZS for a verified user and 240 BZS once he either sells or buys anything on Bazista. Payment will be granted for the first conversion of each newly recruited user;
  • Bazista ambassadors – agents of the platform that will help offline sellers/manufactures to start trading on Bazista. Ambassadors will have to qualify online before they can start officially operating on behalf of the platform in order to educate potential sellers about the platform specifics. Ambassadors will receive 500 BZS token payment for each new store or manufacture registered in the system with further possibility to receive revenue from the mentored sellers;

Potential number of participators is limited by 17 600 000 BZS tokens initially available for the upcoming recruitment campaign.

If you want to participate in the campaign please contact our Bazista team at [email protected]

Bazista Token sale started on the 4th of December, 2017 and will be live till the 2nd of January, 2018.

Bonuses started at a high 30% level.


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