B2BX is About to Pass the 6 Million Euro Threshold

B2BX.pro Project, which is about to pass the 6-million-euro threshold, announced the completion of its audit of the B2BX token value, whose goal is to increase the token’s attractiveness to investors. The company announced several key points regarding the functionality of the B2BX utility-token:

– Since January 2018, B2BX platform commission can only be paid in tokens. Thus, the increase in the number of the B2BX platform participants will lead to the increase in the trade volume and in the total amount of commission paid. The participants will need to buy tokens from the market, ensuring the organic demand;

– B2BX tokens can be used to pay the commission fee of the brokers and exchanges that are the participants of the B2BX-platform ecosystem;

– B2BX tokens can be used to purchase the company’s products and solutions;

– The Active Participants Club of the project will be established;

Within 6 months following the completion of the ICO, B2BX token will be listed on the largest exchanges and circulated in the increasing number of brokers It is particularly noteworthy that tokens of other ICOs will also be listed on the B2BX platform.

According to Artur Azizov, the CEO of the project, the company is planning to establish specific rules allowing other ICO projects to list their tokens on the B2BX platform, and then make them available for trading to all users of the B2BX platform. The company made these changes to boost our token-holders’ confidence that the project will maintain its growth and development upon the completion of the ICO.

The token sale started on 2 October and will last until 17 November. The project is aimed at developing the first official cryptocurrency liquidity provider

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