Author: Traderman

Monero Technical Analysis for 11/21/2015 – Big Pivot Area Breaks

The upward momentum that Monero experienced during the beginning of November has now dissipated. Price has broken underneath a very significant pivot zone. In my previous Monero technical analysis article on the 9th of November, I elaborated on the technical significance of the 0.00122 level. This pivot has now propped-up the market about three different times this month, but price managed to close underneath this area yesterday. The 0.00122 has …
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Commonwealth Bank of Australia to host Blockchain Workshop

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) will be hosting a series of workshops on blockchain technologies and decentralized systems. The events will focus on the impact distributed systems will have on society, commerce and governance. David Whiteing, CIO at the CBA, views blockchain financial systems as revolutionary and transformative. Whiting was recently quoted in a ComputerWord article: ā€œBlockchain has the potential to transform banking in the way that the internet …
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Gridcoin Technical/Fundamental Analysis for 11/20/2015 – Block Reward Drops Today

Gridcoin has continued drifting higher since the last major rally at the end of October. Price is now approaching the previous high at 3900 Satoshis, which was put in on the 25th of October. Although GRC is in a bull market, the buy side of the orderbook has thinned considerably since my last Gridcoin technical analysis article. In my last piece, the orderbook had about 47 BTC in buy orders …
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