Author: reminesjoseph

Researchers Developed a System to Find Zero-Day Exploits

Researchers from Arizona State University created a way that makes gathering data from dark net markets and forums easy, and it helps identify new emerging cyber threats as they are released. The system utilizes search engines and dark net sites through the Tor network, and the researchers say they have found 30 marketplaces, and over 20 forums where black hat hackers reside. The system automatically gathers data from the sites …
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Three Men From Ireland To Stand Trial For Dealing Drugs Online

Kyle Hall, Richard Sinclair, and Stephen Rodgers were all arrested for selling the purest form of Ecstacy, or Molly; as well as other drugs on dark net. The men were set to appear in front of the magistrate Friday. Police in Northern Ireland found Ecstasy, Marijuana, and Diazepam tablets worth well over 100,000 pounds. The seizure took place in Coleraine, Co Londonderry, and the eastern part of Belfast a year …
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