Author: nmarinoff

Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Holds Steady at $8,200

The price of bitcoin fell in dramatic fashion yesterday following Google’s announcement that it would no longer support cryptocurrency and ICO-related ads. Prior, bitcoin had been trading for approximately $9,100, though following the search engine’s sudden decision, the price fell nearly $1,000 (eight percent), and it has been hovering at $8,200 ever since. For the most part, bitcoin is managing to hold its ground despite several resisting factors. Per Coindesk …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Massive Drop After Google Announces It Will Ban Crypto Ads

Bitcoin is struggling. Following yesterday’s unimpressive but steady balance at $9,130, bitcoin has fallen by nearly $1,000 and is now trading for less than $8,300. The news likely stems from an announcement by Google, as the popular Internet search engine has sworn to ban cryptocurrency and ICO-related ads in the coming months and to crack down on digital currency scams. Similar sentiment was witnessed amongst Facebook executives earlier this year. …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Breaking $10K is Proving Difficult

At press time, bitcoin is trading for approximately $9,130 following a long week of volatility exploits and price drops. The cryptocurrency has been experiencing massive swings between the $8,900 and $9,500 range, and it’s unclear if or when bitcoin will decide to settle before another respective run. Just over a week ago, bitcoin was trading for approximately $11,200, though drops have likely occurred thanks to ongoing regulatory tactics. Currently, China’s …
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