Author: Dariusz

Reciprocity is the Key to Growing Cryptocurrency Communities

With Bitcoin trading well over $1000 right now and its popularity higher now higher than ever, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at large still have a long way to go. If one goal of cryptos is to have a wider adoption and use, then something needs to change from the current implementation and advertisement of bitcoin and altcoins. It seems that the average user of cryptocurrencies is a miner, a trader/investor, or a …
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Solar Power Employs More People in Electricity Generation than Natural Gas, Oil, and Coal Combined

Solar power is becoming cheaper and more popular quickly. A report by the US Department of Energy suggests that solar power employs more people in electricity generation in the States than natural gas, oil, and coal combined. The installation of residential and business solar panels alone add heavily to this number before even considering the industrial sector. It is a bit baffling that the Trump administration has not outlined Solar’s …
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