Author: cdouthit

The Problems with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mining

The price of Bitcoin soared over the last year, which created a buzz for cryptocurrencies and sparked interest in massive Bitcoin mining operations everywhere. With all these new mining facilities popping up, cryptocurrency mining’s energy usage has also reached new heights. An energy research company based in the UK found that in the year 2017, the amount of electricity used to mine Bitcoin surpassed the annual energy usage of some 159 countries. Moreover, the energy spent globally …
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SEC Creates Fake ICO Website to Scare Investors

The SEC has taken an extra creative step to ensure investors are aware of the dangers of initial coin offerings (ICOs). To make their point, the SEC has launched their own pretend ICO site to demonstrate what investors should look for when considering an investment. The pretend ICO site is called Howey Coin, which emulates what an actual initial coin offering website looking to take investments would look like. The …
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