Author: Brian Wallace

Is Back Pain A Drain On Your Business?

Back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide — and it costs the American economy upwards of $100 billion per year in lost wages and productivity. Many of these back problems are due to injuries in the workplace, and they are usually totally preventable. With back pain being such a drain on our economy and businesses, why aren’t we doing more to prevent it?   Most people associate back …
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Restaurants Beating Groceries In Sales: What’s Driving The Trend?

In 2015, restaurant sales in America surpassed grocery store sales for the first time in modern history. This trend has continued over the recent years, and in January of this year $56 billion was spent on grocery sales, while consumers spent $61 billion in restaurants in that same time period. The likely culprit? More than a quarter of Americans still don’t know how to cook. There are other reasons for …
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How Universal Basic Income Could Help the Economy

What is a universal basic income? This topic has been talked about in the political realm as well as in respect to automation and the future of work a lot lately, but it is not a new concept at all. Even in ancient Rome there were times when citizens would receive rations of wine, as it was seen as a necessary part of daily life. But the more modern concept …
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