PR – ARena Space Will be the World’s First Amusement Parks Company to Launch an ICO

Amusement parks operator ARena Space has announced the launch of the first Initial Coin Offering to enter the global market.

Pre-ICO starts on the 30th of October and will continue until the 25th of November, 2017. Hard Cap — $850 000. ICO will be on from the 25th of November until the 25th of December. Hard Cap – $30 350 000.

ARena Space is an AR/VR entertainment parks chain based on the immersive virtual reality technology ARena Full Immersion VR, ARena Park Manager management system, and attractions developed in-house. People in our parks escape the borders of the everyday world: ARena Space’s attractions change reality and tokens replace money.

arenaspace 1

ARena Space’s expansion map in accordance with the results of the ICO

The investments will be spent on the opening of 5 to 15 large parks each being 500 m2 or more in size and on the development of a global franchise in the most important regions of the world: North America (Las Vegas), Asia (Beijing), Europe (Moscow, Barcelona), and in the Middle East (Dubai). After the ICO, ARena Space parks chain will hold an international virtual reality cybersport competition.

This is the world’s first ICO both on the amusement parks market and in the growing segment of virtual reality parks. ARena Space will be the first global amusement parks chain to support payments using the blockchain technology. Additionally, ARena Space became one of the first European companies running an offline business, which chose the ICO format to publicly attract an investment.


The name of the token will be ARenaCoin, which will also be used as an internal currency of the ARena Space parks that will be used by their clients and partners. The token will be pegged to the exchange rate of Ethereum to US dollars.

ARenaCoin token will be used as a payment tool as a part of the loyalty program for the company’s clients, franchisee, and partners. The biggest discount for paying with the tokens will be offered to franchisee. With the development of the chain and with the growth of the number of transactions, the demand for the tokens will rise. By buying and selling ARenaCoin, investors become a part of the ARena Space’s business. Visitors of the parks will be able to exchange the tokens for services or goods at any ARena Space location, and partners and franchisee will get access to advertisement spaces.

The main difference between ARena Space’s ICO and most of the other offerings is the reliability of the investment. The token is backed by real demand. ARena Space parks chain is a real functioning offline business:

Now, there are six parks open in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, and Sochi, which have already satisfied 20 000 visitors, two parks are being built, four franchises have been sold. This has been achieved in a very short period of time and with small investments — approximately $700 thousand.


ARena Space park model

Vasily Ryzhonkov, founder and CEO of ARena Space:

We are creating a unique precedent for the market — we are connecting digital economy, promising VR technology market and offline business in the form of amusement parks. With our ICO token buyers will be able to invest in the development of a real functioning global business. The pegging of the token to the growth of the number of locations and clients as the result of a successful ICO will inevitably lead to the growth of the exchange rate, and investors will get a 200%-500% ROI in a year.

Due to the combination of investors, b2b-partners, b2c-clients, locations, and the head company into one single entity via the ARena Park Manager platform, we have created an ecosystem, in the heart of which lies the ARenaCoin token. It will allow b2c-clients to pay for services and franchisee to get a substantial discount on the franchise fee (up to 30%) and on royalty payments (up to 1%).


Key capabilities of the ARenaCoin holders:

  • Token will be used as a currency that will be used to pay for services in the ARena Space parks, including the franchisee.
  • Tokens can be sold online or in offline shops “MarketPlacе” in any ARena Space park.
  • Tokens give a privileged right to use services and goods from ARena Space in a prioritized manner with discounts up to 30%
  • Paying with tokens is beneficial for franchisee, because they recieve a discount on the franchise fee of up to 30%


Detailed information on the ICO is available at

Parks chain web site —

About ARena Space

Since the middle of 2016, ARena Space is the first company in Europe to start the development of an amusement parks chain. The first ARena Space location was opened in Moscow in September of the same year. It was built in only a month. The main feature of the parks is the modal, easily scalable system, which allows to quickly build parks on a space of 20 to 2000 sq. m. Clients have access to dozens of games and more than 100 units of content developed in-house and by partners.

ARena Space’s team combines 77 years of experience in the entertainment industry, IT development, VR/AR, franchise development, and entertainment marketing. Advisory board comprises the producer of several Cirque du Soleil shows, the vice president of Electronic Arts, the founder of CryptoValley, and other experienced professionals, which allows to reach market leaders and speed up the development of the project.

The company has its own R&D lab, develops unique content and attractions, which makes it stand out from its competitors. The team has developed more than 20 VR projects in the entertainment, business, production, and museum industries. ARena also has its own amusement park management system ARena Park Manager.

The team and its partnerships:

  • The key staff is specialists with several years of experience in AR/VR and the entertainment industry
  • More than 40 million rubles of own money have been invested in the company
  • Partnerships with global leaders of the virtual reality market, including the leading immersive content studios from the CIS
  • Licensed working schemes with content manufacturers
  • Direct partnerships with attractions manufacturers
  • Despite the young age of ARena Space, 4 franchises have already been sold, and additionally agreements on collaborative businesses have been signed with 5 investors
  • A letter of intention to build in a space of one of 5 biggest malls of Moscow has been signed. The location will be situated in the entertainment and food-court zone, which has the publicity of 1 660 000 people per month. 52 000 people will pass by the ARena Space locations in Moscow
  • Own new products development R&D lab

ARena Space official web page:


Founder and CEO Vasily Ryzhonkov: [email protected]

For inquiries on the ICO: [email protected]

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