Are You Ready to Exploit the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Private Newsletter Offers Insight, Analysis, and Investment Ideas

DALLAS, TX – Future Tech Daily, a brand-new email newsletter service, offers blockchain and technology investors rare access to insight, analysis, and investment ideas, based on private conversations with developers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, “smart money” investors, and other respected emerging technology players. It is currently open to new subscribers.

Its editor-in-chief, Richard Jacobs, previously organized the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference (which took place in Dallas in February 2018) and is the host of the Future Tech Podcast.

“Running the [Future Tech] podcast has given me the opportunity to build a solid black book of some of the most respected players is the blockchain, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity spaces – not to mention other less-known tech circles”, said Mr. Jacobs.

He adds: “Behind closed doors, so to speak, they’ve lifted the lid on many dozens of exciting projects and shown me how they’re applying this new technology in all kinds of powerful and exciting ways. And as a result of some of the things I’ve learned, I’ve built up some investment positions that have already earned handsome returns – yet they’re poised to explode over the next few years.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Jacobs cannot reveal any of the confidential information that he is privy to; however, what he can do is share some of his analysis, insight, and investment ideas – and he can share any non-confidential items of intelligence with subscribers as they land on his desk each morning. He can also tell subscribers about some of the inside players who have given him permission to “go public” on their work, and he can show you why venture capitalists are queuing up to get behind these projects.

Future Tech Daily subscribers can then use this insight to make their own investment decisions.

This newsletter is currently open to new subscribers:


Press contact:

Richard Jacobs

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(888) 448-4590

About the Future Tech Daily:

The Future Tech Daily is a complimentary daily newsletter service that shares insight, analysis, and investment ideas with private investors who want to invest in what economists are calling the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and get in while this opportunity is still on the ground floor.

Every morning, its editor Richard Jacobs shares concise intelligence briefs, some of which are based on his private conversations with insider players from the fields of blockchain technology, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and other emerging techs – as well as the “smart money” investors who are getting behind them before the masses pile in over the next few years.

This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.