Aptos and Hedera Struggle For Momentum as Investors Switch To New Meme Coin

In the wake of the market capsizing, top altcoins such as Aptos and Hedera have tumbled. However, investors are not taking chances and are switching to the Angry Pepe Fork, the new presale sensation.

Currently, in its earliest stage, there are obvious similarities between older meme coins and Angry Pepe Fork with analysts projecting a 250% rise. 

Angry Pepe Fork – The Next 100x Solana-based Meme Coin

While Aptos and Hedera are experiencing a menacing bearish blow, an opportunity to earn massively has been spotted in Angry Pepe Fork. The project encompasses a unique way of mounting a challenge at the top level. Through its armies, Angry Pepe Fork seeks to dislodge zombie meme coins and reign supreme among competitors. 

The essential part of this project is the ability to stake assets in the presale. This is unprecedented with investors viewing it as one of the best altcoins to buy. Individual fighters who showed their commitment and displayed bravery on the battlefield are rewarded with free tokens and a possible stakeholder status in the community.

Individuals can also gain more staking benefits by crushing more zombies. The $APORK token which is used across the community for transactions is selling at $0.014 in the first stage of presale. The total supply of this token is limited to $1.9 billion, ensuring rarity and engendering constant price stability. Furthermore, there is an opportunity for more utilities with the platform talking with potential partners for collaboration.

As a Solana-based meme coin, Angry Pepe Fork has the potential to be great. With the meme coin industry skyrocketing in market value, this is your chance to accumulate a potential 100x token. Analysts have explored this project and suggest a 250% increase at the end of presale and a boost to 350% at launch, making APORK the top altcoin to watch in 2024.

Aptos Coin Unable To Break Key Resistance Level Amid the Bear Condition

After months of consistent rise, Aptos is undergoing steady dumping. While it gained 32% in the past year, its bullish support in recent times has waned. In the past week, the Aptos token experienced a dip of 7% as the token struggled to break the key resistance threshold of $9. 

While Apto’s market cap is bullish, the token struggles to get traction in trading volume. However, Aptos is a big layer 1 blockchain with a lot of ecosystem development. Looking at these indices, analysts project that Aptos may rally in the coming months which could take the price past the $9 mark.

Hedera Token Faces a Battle To Reach $0.1

Hedera has experienced a slump in price owing to the prevailing bearish circumstances. While the Hedera coin gracefully increased by more than 100% on the year-to-date chart, it has tumbled by 15% in the past month. 

Following the bearish trends is the weekly chart which has dipped by 7%. Although the token has a healthy Fear and Greed Index value of 76 Extreme Greed, it still trades below the $0.1 threshold. Luckily, the Hedera market cap is gaining some momentum which may propel the token above the targeted threshold in June.

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