Applicature Joins the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

San Francisco, CA., March 22, 2018 –  It was announced today that Applicature has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, the world’s largest open-source initiative providing resources for businesses to learn about Ethereum and leveraging this groundbreaking technology to address specific industry use.  

This membership widens the scope of Applicature’s blockchain development and its interaction with other members of the EEA. Applicature’s entry into the Alliance is an important milestone. EEA’s membership represents a vast spectrum of opportunities for the company to deploy its high-level skills in blockchain technology and smart contract development.

Applicature has helped a few dozen clients with Ethereum-based smart contracts and Ethereum deployments, and we have developed an open-source proprietary proof of stake on Ethereum.

Therefore, we hope to be able to do more for the underlying technology. It’s all about the coordination of effort between contributors, and we hope to be helpful to all other EEA members.

Because EEA is a powerful epicenter of innovation around Ethereum and its adoption across many industries, we will leverage our membership for the benefit of our clients and their leading positions in their respective verticals, and will partner with them to lead innovation,” Ihor Pidruchny, Applicature CEO, stated..

Applicature will foster the development and elaboration of complex, highly specific applications for environments in which time and trust mean everything: banking, marketing, supply chain, loyalty systems, etc.

Applicture’s experience will come in handy in overcoming and solving Ethereum’s scalability problem. Applicature is extremely familiar with this problem, having recently developed and deployed the Applicature Ethereum Proof of Stake (AEPoS) consensus protocol.

Joining the EEA is a great opportunity for Applicature to learn from other members and share our best practices to help grow the Association and the industry. Defining enterprise-grade software protocols capable of handling the most complex, highly demanding applications at scale is a critical next step,” Mark Stoner, Business Development Director at Applicature, said.

What Is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain protocol based upon smart contracts that enable participants to implement and deploy dApps (not controlled by any single entity). dApps are inalienable components of Ethereum. Because they are unchangeable and immutable to any sort of fraud, they guarantee the safety of the network. In addition, Ethereum employs the services of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Solidity programming languages to implement and execute applications on the platform.

About the EEA

The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance welcomes all companies or individual developers who offer or provide blockchain services, solutions, reference standards for enterprise use-cases, and applications.

As an open-source platform, the EEA aims to create a private platform exclusively for verified individuals, companies, and agencies. The main goal of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance is to build, secure, and improve the efficiency and productivity of the platform.

Short-Term Goals of the EEA:

  1. Reimplement Ethereum: develop a modular Ethereum architecture (certain blocks = certain responsibilities)
  2. Act as a standard governing body for new consensus protocols
  3. Benchmark Ethereum with consensus algorithms (practical Byzantine fault tolerance: an extremely fast consensus algorithm that eliminates the problem of not trusting all the nodes; perfect for private blockchains)
  4. Implement configurable privacy
  5. Develop the public chain; innovate rapidly

Long-Term Goals of the EEA:

  1. Contribute to the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem
  2. Work on Ethereum’s scalability; reduce transaction time, lower block time as much as possible
  3. Enhance Ethereum’s performance, stability, and security by connecting and sharing all knowledge acquired by all members of the Alliance
  4. Tokenize complex assets using the Ethereum standard, ERC20
  5. Maintain compatibility; leverage other standards
  6. Make Ethereum available and easy accessible to all. The more people in the community, the more prosperous the platform becomes.

Feel free to learn more about the EEA and Ethereum here.

About Applicature

Applicature is an independent boutique blockchain development agency and concept advisory providing highly qualified support in blockchain technology; smart contract development; implementation of token standards + tokensale smart-contract design; upgrading of wallets, ICO cabinets, and KYC dashboards; business/technical concept design; and white paper consulting.

You can take a look at all of the projects and items Applicature has worked on here.

Website: applicature,com



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