Apple’s macOS Sierra update has been switched to Automatic, Offers Instructions for Users Who Don’t Want It

Apple has made its latest update, macOS Sierra, automatic on all Mac machines that are compatible. Users who have automatic updates on and have enough memory will get the update sometime this week. Apple said that updates will start today and are chosen at random.

It is, however, Apple’s latest full-fledged release, so it won’t actually install itself. Users will still have to initiate the download by themselves. If for some reason users choose not to update, Apple said that all one needs to do is disable automatic updates or uninstall the downloader.

Apple did say, however, that it was taking things like user space into consideration. If a user’s Mac is running low on space, the download will automatically delete itself. Apple said that they are doing this as a way to avoid causing unneeded problems for its users.

This updated process is similar to the way Microsoft unveiled its Windows 10 update. Apple states that the switch to automatically updating is meant to make the update process  “more seamless and user friendly….”  The update will offer features such as Siri for desktop, a Universal clipboard,  an optimized storage solution, plus the ability to unlock one’s computer from the Apple Watch.

This update process comes as no surprise, since it’s major competitor is Microsoft. Some Windows users, however, had ill things to report about the automatic update to Windows 10. Most serious OS users like to run older Operating Systems and wait for the bugs associated with the newest OS to be worked out first. Windows 10 came with a lot of issues, from bugs to crashing and loss of data.  Users who were ignorant of these issues simply updated as prompted and were met with a myriad of problems later.

What made the situation more frustrating was the inability to down grade back to Windows 8.1 after updating to Windows 10. It is unknown if Apple users have had the same issues, but it is a common problem with the latest releases that are shoved through the door.

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