Apple is Now on Instagram and You Could be Featured Next

In a surprising move, Apple has just unveiled a new official account on Instagram. While the company already has quite a few accounts for various things, including Apple Music, iTunes, and even Carpool Karaoke, the company did not have an “Apple account”; until now, of course.

Apple is now officially on Instagram

The official Apple account already has quite a few posts, all revolving around the same theme: photos and videos shot by iPhone users. The “Shot on iPhone” catchphrase is nothing new for Apple. Photography on the iPhone is very important to Apple as it can showcase both the creativity of its users and the power of its hardware.

The Shot on iPhone campaign on Instagram will apparently showcase photos from iPhone users from all around the world. Taking advantage of Instagram’s newly-released ability which lets users add multiple photos and videos in a single post, Apple has already showcased dozens of photographers from the iPhone community.

Instagram is for smartphone photography what YouTube is for online videos. It’s now more popular than ever, boasting 700 million active users. It is the go-to platform for many modern advertisers as influencers on Instagram form the basis of entirely new ad efforts which demonstrate the power of the Internet in a simple but very efficient way.

Everyone does everything online now

The younger generation is particularly more likely to participate in such apps and become an active member. In fact, young people use apps for anything from online flirting to catching rides and, obviously, sharing their pictures.

That Apple waited for so long to join Instagram will be shocking to quite a few people but it is not entirely surprising to industry insiders. Apple’s social media presence usually takes a careful but fragmented approach. More specifically, Apple likes to have presence for its individual services but prefers to keep its official accounts squeaky clean.

The fact remains that Instagram owes a large part of its existence to Apple. The photo-sharing service was launched in 2010 specifically because iPhone photography and photo-sharing were taking off in a very big way.

Each year, more than one trillion pictures are taken with iPhone cameras. iPhone pictures on Instagram are incredibly popular, and the Cupertino company is obviously aware of that.

The good news for regular users is that everyone is eligible to participate in the #ShotOniPhone campaign for a chance to be featured in the official Apple page on Instagram. The only thing required is to feature a post with the aforementioned hashtag.

Whether Apple actually pays the creators of the pictures or merely asks to share their photos is unknown. The latter seems much more likely though a chance to be posted on the official Apple account is probably very good exposure for any aspiring photographer.

Here are some tips on taking better pictures and getting them featured:

  1. Be unique

Despite what most people on social media seem to think, no one wants to see another picture of food, at least if it’s not something entirely unique. In contrast, I would love to see what a forest ranger’s hut looks like, or a photo taken in the early days of the morning by a fisherman.

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different camera modes

Pointing-and-shooting is a tried-and-true method of photography that does work quite well for simple pictures that aim to demonstrate a particular moment. For instance, the Square Mode is fantastic for Instagram, which might make your #ShotOniPhone pictures stand out even more.

  1. Learn from Apple

Apple’s official YouTube account has a series of instructional videos on how to shoot the best pictures possible with the iPhone. The series includes shooting with and without flash, doing close-ups, and a lot more.  

With these tips, you may be also be able to find your Instagram posts on the official Apple page. Should that happen, make sure to share your success with us in the comments!