Anonymous Crypto Spectrecoin Now With Tor-obfs4 Integration

Spectrecoin was launched on November 20th of 2016, the first actively developed cryptocurrency with the whole network running entirely on the TOR network, hiding the participants IP addresses. Spectrecoin has recently released V1.33 and now includes what is known as a ‘TOR obfuscation protocol’ called OBFS4 fully integrated and automated.

This makes Spectrecoin the only cryptocurrency offering direct blockchain access in countries censoring the TOR network. In short, the integration of OBFS4 effectively ‘wraps’ the TOR traffic in another layer making it appear as normal internet traffic. When the wallet starts, it will attempt to connect over the TOR network and if that is unsuccessful, the wallet will automatically invoke the OBFS4 protocol to hide the TOR traffic. The Spectrecoin team has made a successful test of this system to penetrate the ‘great firewall of China’.

This development, unique to Spectrecoin, is of increasing importance as more governments attempt to restrict and censor the internet and the private flow of cryptocurrency and information within it. TOR blocked countries include China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain, with more on the way. Utilizing the TOR network and obfuscating it with OBFS4, Spectrecoin has quietly leapt to the head of the pack, offering blockchain access in all of those countries.

Since their infamously lackluster ICO in 2016, during a period when all ICOs were viewed with deep caution, a small community of enthusiasts from all walks of life have gathered around this coin to help it achieve its goals. Having exhausted their limited resources in recent months, the original ICO investors got together and collected the funds to keep development moving full-time. In this historic move, the amount gathered exceeded that raised by the initial ICO. No other coin has received a double-down of support from its original investors. Other community members chipped in, insuring the continued progress of Spectrecoin. The Spectrecoin team has now also been able to hire another full-time cryptographer and programmer to update and restructure the core code that offers the anonymous transactions.

Spectrecoin therefore offers top of the range privacy features, anonymous transactions on the TOR network w/ OBFS4, a unique encrypted chat function and in the next release, v.1.4 scheduled for October 2017, a completely overhauled wallet interface using the latest software frameworks, giving the new Spectre 1.4 wallet a unique design and effective functions. The Spectrecoin team aims for a no-nonsense, intuitive user experience.

Designed as the cryptocurrency for their highly anticipated Spectre app for Android, the platform will deliver the ability to easily conduct global anonymous cash transfers. Through the Spectrecoin network, money changes hands on a purely P2P basis with no server, central database or register needed. An additional low consumption staking function will make the Android app an earning tool as well, especially helpful in countries where it is not unusual for a cellphone to replace a personal computer. The Spectrecoin team is aiming for total decentralization and will reveal further plans for how to make this possible.
Developed in response to privacy concerns and increased global surveillance, Spectrecoin is a superior anonymous cryptocurrency. Project manager ‘Mandica’ explains why Spectrecoin has stronger anonymity features than the leading competitors: “We built Spectrecoin on a code base that employs so called ‘ring signatures’, which work to shroud transactions, making them untraceable… In essence, the signature needed for a transaction to complete could be any signature contained within a defined group of ‘Spectre Tokens’ but there is no way to uncover the identity of the specific ‘Spectre Token’ being spent from within the group. This makes it impossible to establish which coins are being spent and the use of so called ‘dual-key stealth addresses’ makes it further impossible to identify the participants in the transactions. I am now happy to say that we have updated to the latests version of TOR as well and that provides a third layer of anonymity.”

There is no other cryptocurrency today that employs all these features, further cementing Spectre as the secret leader in anonymous money transfers that most people have never heard of but will surely come to know in the near future.

Having gained an uptick in volume trading and stabilization of price across platforms, Spectrecoin is establishing a solid trading foundation. Introduced on Novacoin and quickly adopted by and Cryptopia and Livecoin, Spectrecoin seems clearly primed to reach such popular exchanges as Bittrex and Poloniex. The team hopes this will come naturally with V1.4, which takes the forward tech of v1.3 further, while actively stamping out any minor bugs the community discovers.

This momentum, along with its growing community of developers, investors, fans and devotees of anonymity, Spectrecoin is poised for big growth in the coming months. The Spectre community is sincere in its hope that Spectrecoin becomes the global benchmark in anonymous money transfers.

The core team is busy working on v1.4 and the alpha version of the Android app, furthering this project and its potential to upset the money transfer business while bringing the future of anonymity to the present.


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