An Incredible Success - GRE Completes ICO In Just 4 Days!

With an incredible pace, GRE achieved their ICO target within only 4 days (92 hours) since being listed on LEEKICO platform!

26th May, 2018— Global Risk Exchange (or “GRE”), is a blockchain-based, decentralized risk contract exchange platform, with the purpose of helping individuals, companies and organizations to freely hedge, transfer and trade their risks.Based on this principle, GRE insures all LEEKICO investors using “fall on debut” insurance, for free.

Chia Hock Lai, the president of Singapore FinTech Association was attracted by GRE’s outstanding technology and operation ability, and officially joined the GRE team as an advisor and very optimistic about the prospects of the project. GRE always provides revolutionary products and service customized for the cryptocurrency ecosystem — including ICO Fall On Debut Insurance and Token Price Insurance.

ICO Fall on Debut Insurance

ICO “Fall On Debut” Insurance is not a single product, but a set of products can be customized for each cryptocurrency in worldwide exchanges. Users on GRE will choose to buy protection or provide capacity based on their own estimation of whether the closing price will be higher or lower than ICO price. This is the very first risk management product specially designed for the cryptocurrency ICO market.

Token Price Insurance

Following the boom of ICO Fall On Debut Insurance, the Token Price Insurance has now been launched, attracting high trading volume in response to the high volatility in the cryptocurrency market. GRE users can obtain real-time returns based on their own judgment of token market, meanwhile buying an insurance for its crypto portfolio.

Moving Swiftly

GRE has completed the development of Mobile App, Web App and Testnet within only 4 months — the actual purchases (Options/Futures) products are in the design process, as well as the development of the GRE Wallet. The market-oriented product design wins many community members and large trading volume. GRE community users now total over 130,000, and the total quantity of risk management contract orders reaches into the hundreds of millions.

GRE has successfully received investments from influential crypto KOL investors, including Shen Bo (Founder of Fenbushi Capital), James Gong (ICOAGE, Blockchain Pencil), and LD Capital (Founded by Lihua Yi). Additionally, the collaboration with insurance giant AXA is progressing smoothly in Southeast Asia.

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