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To some people, playing online roulette may be a game of luck. To others, it’s all about calculations and odds. In Roulette the main thing you have to know is that you are going to lose and win, the only trick is to be able to always win back everything you lost, while adding a little bit at a time to your profits.

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Online Roulette is much more fun that the real life one because you don’t have to deal with all the waiting. And since all the waiting is out of the way, the player can play a lot more hands per minute and all lengthy strategies can be implemented in a short time if the player is patient enough.

Before you start playing online Roulette, you must sign up and create an account to play Roulette online. You will need to fill in your name, age, address, and phone number in addition to a few extra minor details. After confirming who you are by providing your information, depositing money into your account is easy. You will enter your banking information, choose the amount you want to deposit, and finish the transaction.

Betting in Roulette is basic and doesn’t require a lot of experience. The best thing about Roulette is that it has a basic style and a complicated one. The basic style is the player betting on colors black and red or on odd versus even. A lot of people like to stick to choosing colors and favor one color over the other. Other people like to take calculated risks.

Online Roulette Strategies

Online Roulette has many strategies that can help a player win. The best strategy of them all is the double down bet strategy. It is fairly simple to keep up with this strategy, and it can be done by just sticking to the strategy no matter what.

First start by waiting for the Roulette machine to hit three of the same color back to back. For example, a player must wait for the ball to land on Red three times before beginning his betting. The first bet should be on the color that hasn’t shown up in the last three rounds which in this case is Black. The first bet should be a low amount in the range of $5 or less. The ball is going to spin on the forth turn which is your first turn betting and you are either going to win your bet, or the ball is going to land on the same color again and you will loose, but that’s okay.

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If you win, you have to wait until the ball lands on the same color three times and then it’s on again. If you lost, here is where the fun begins. You must double the amount you bet last time and lost right away on the very next turn, and with the color Red in this case showing up 4 times, you can either bet double your original bet to make your money back and the profit you wanted to make in the first place, or you can triple your bet now and hope to make your money back and double the amount of profit you would have made last turn which would mean that if you round up the profits, you technically won both turns you played, but that’s only if you bet triple your original bet and you win. For example you wait for three of the same color to hit consecutively, then you choose the opposite color and bet $5 and loose. The next turn you bet $15 instead on the same opposite color sine there is four of the same color that hit back to back and you win. You get your original $5 that you lost last turn in addition to $10 profit for this turn.

In this case you can keep going every time you loose and double your lost bet in hope of trying to make it the right bet the next turn. How many times can you be wrong turn after turn. If you do this, you will get at least enough tries to go through a couple of hundred dollars and you will never loose if you stay with it six or seven turns after loosing. The one thing is certain, it has to hit both colors 50%/50% and something would be very wrong with the machine if it just hit the same color over and over.

The only difference between online Roulette and the real one is that with online Roulette, the game can learn the players style of playing and figure out what their winning strategy is, then try to make it harder for them to win using one strategy which is why it is always good to play with two strategies that are being used all the time. If you defer from one strategy, it should be only to use your second strategy.

Back Up Strategy

Since the online Roulette machine learns your strategies eventually and try to use them against the players, it is important to have a back up strategy.

Betting on the numbers is where Roulette becomes complicated, but if you want a strategy that makes you money, then you have to bet on the numbers every once in a while. If you have been betting on the opposite colors strategy every time three of the same color show up back to back then you can use the same strategy but using the odds and evens.

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