Alpha for the MIMIR Blockchain to Internet (B2i) Bridge is Live

Join us in bringing “Blockchain to those off- chain” by using existing nodes as a revenue generating opportunity for owners.

As the world’s first Decentralized Ethereum Service Provider (DESP), we’re proud to announce the alpha version of the MIMIR Blockchain to Internet (B2i) Bridge, the flagship infrastructure platform from MIMIR Blockchain Solutions, is now live at alpha.mimirblockchain.solutionsThe MIMIR B2i Bridge brings blockchain to the “off-chained” by allowing direct access to the Ethereum-based Decentralized Application ecosystem from any webconnected device without the need for third-party trust; with limited or, in some cases, no pre-installed software necessary.

By leveraging existing nodes, the MIMIR Bridge will help B2B and B2C clients improve economics, quicken transaction times, and smooth capacity issues. This innovative approach will also address current issues with blockchain (namely security, scalability, and accessibility).

The MIMIR B2i Token, the value mechanism behind the MIMIR B2i Bridge solution, will go beyond the cloud and traditional Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) offerings. Our token will be the first of its kind. In exchange for cryptocurrency, users will be given MIMIR B2i tokens that will act as its own piece of infrastructure. Our B2i tokens, which will be used to actively participate on the network, are intended to become a source of revenue for holders.

So why release this alpha now? At a time when digital identities are being compromised at scale, (i.e. the recent Equifax, Yahoo, and even Parity data breaches), we believe blockchain needs its “Netscape” moment to more easily and securely satisfy demand for nodes which outpaces supply by over 48,000%.

According to MIMR’s CEO Nicolas Fierro,

“It comes down to having an opportunity to reward people for being honest. Sounds simple enough, but our MIMIR B2i Bridge can do just that by leveling the playing field which thwarts malicious actions through proof of stake validation. At the end of the day, we believe it’s critical that blockchain technology be available to be used by everyone that is off-chain without fear of security or potential scalability. If it can be, that would be a really tangible Netscape moment for blockchain.”

Phase One of our alpha testing is now open to all developers. Those participants that contribute to the overall improvement of the early alpha will be eligible for rewards, including an invitation to earn more incentives by participating in Phase Two of our alpha testing.

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