All eyes on COVESTING: multi-functional Cryptocurrency Trading Platform revealed!

COVESTING released a live recording where CEO Dmitrij Pruglo demoed the beta of their trading platform expected to be released in just one month. COVESTING’s telegram community of 10,000 has been eagerly awaiting news and developments related to the release of their copy-trading platform, and were pleasantly surprised when the demo was released.

While their MVP gave users an idea of what the platform would look like, the live presentation featured a world-class exchange, complete with walking the user’s path of signing up, completing KYC, enabling 2FA, and exploring their wallets. The demo also featured a look at the exchange which offers advanced charting, liquid order book, the ability to place several different types of orders, and even the portfolio tracking and trader search capabilities.

COVESTING started as a copy-trading platform and due to the immense success of its ICO, which sold out, grew into a Bloomberg-scale trading platform to rival other big players in the Cryptocurrency industry. Apart from that, team aims to offer best-in-class customer service for all active traders on the platform. It wasn’t until after the ICO concluded that Covesting’s CEO Dmitrij Pruglo proposed building their own exchange.

When we started developing our product, it made much more sense if we were not only working with the top exchanges for liquidity reasons, but built our own exchange as well. We see the gap in the market where you cannot have all of your trading needs met with one business, so we created an entire infrastructure with an exchange, aggregated liquidity from other exchanges, a Crypto Intelligence Portal, and copy-trading capabilities.”

-CEO, Dmitrij Pruglo

The COVESTING ecosystem is still on track to deliver its beta in late March, in line with their roadmap which didn’t originally include building an exchange. COVESTING has managed to stay true to their roadmap while constantly growing the project with more and more capabilities.

You can learn more about the COVESTING project and check out the platform walkthrough presentation hosted by their CEO Dmitrij at

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