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AlfaToken: Service for a New Way of Interactions – via Smart Contracts Begins ICO

New platform simplifies creating and using smart contracts. Clients without coding skills can create tokens, smart contracts and launch ICOs without having to advance costs before their ICO is complete.  

Moscow, Russia AlfaToken started the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on Monday, January 22, 2018. The innovative platform is the first that allows users to create tokens and smart contracts on different blockchains without coding skills for any kind of business relations including Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). AlfaToken is based on the popular Ethereum blockchain and uses the ERC20 Token Standard Interface.

The AlfaToken team will build a web-based user interface and a set of audited smart contracts to securely create and deploy the smart contracts users have chosen. A prototype of the service was released in October of 2017.

ALFA, the platform’s native validation token will be needed as a resource to issue tokens, create, test, and deploy smart contracts. There will be 7,950,000 Sale Tokens available during the ICO Crowdsale.  

The AlfaToken platform will consist of the following services:

  • Service to issue tokens and create smart contracts for ICO on different blockchains by choice without software engineering skills;
  • Service to automate the distribution of tokens to investors in case the investments are collected in different cryptocurrencies;
  • Service helping to run and manage bounty programs.

“The long-term aim of AlfaToken is to provide an easy-to-use service to create smart contracts for any kind of business relations” said Denis Farnosov, CEO.

AlfaToken inception comes from recognizing that for entrepreneurs it is a struggle to develop a company and transform an idea into a profitable business. There is a great need for early stage companies to raise capital. ICO Crowdfunding is the fastest growing method for raising the necessary investment. In 2017 the overall market capitalization of crypto assets grew by over 800% to $130B.

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Smart Contracts are computer protocols that can automatically implement a set of programmed commands without human interaction and without human error. They have the potential for widespread global implementation.

AlfaToken has already identified 14 different use cases for the platform including ICOs, real estate rentals, p2p lending, p2p insurance, smart things sharing, hiring, e-commerce, auctions, trade finance, supply chain management, delivery by drones, smart homes, manufacturing automation, and business process management.

One challenge is that smart contracts are a relatively new phenomenon. There are also security risks that must be addressed so that programming errors don’t lead to a malicious theft of funds. Hiring a software developer to write the code, functions and properties can be expensive and limit the adoption of the technology.

AlfaToken offers a complete solution to our clients. The AlfaToken team has decades of combined experience in economics, blockchain, financial services, technology and marketing with a global-focused approach to business.

For additional information please contact or

View the AlfaToken whitepaper at  

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