ALFA Rating Agency: ICO Marketing vs ICO Expertise?

One month in the crypto space is equal to one year in the “real” world, said Tim Enneking in 2017. In crypto space where everything changes, ICO market is still evolving – trends succeed each other, a vision of investment-attractive project transforms.

As early as the summer of 2017, ICO was perceived as a simple and accessible way of attracting money. Cryptoinvestors did not demand to present either a final product or even a working prototype – nothing but White Paper, which describes the essence of the project and terms of ICO procedure. But since then the situation has changed. If private investors could be attracted by advertising in social networks, spam mailings and virus content, large professional investors evaluate projects more meticulously and pay attention to the same moments that traditional investors consider when buying the shares.

That is why leading experts in the field of financial markets, investments, consulting and blockchain merged to create ALFA Rating – the investment rating agency providing an exhaustive statistical and analytical information of alternative investments’ market. Its mission is to make the process of venture investment more transparent, efficient and safe.

ALFA Rating provides relevant guidance for investors and enthusiasts on ICO market. As for projects, the company will help to structure the information, eliminate risk factors that can significantly affect the investment potential and attractiveness of a token for investors.

It is these companies like ALFA Rating that will contribute to the emergence of new IT companies whose services and products will deeply change both our society and our economy.

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