A Trillion Dollar Project Launches on ICO: Finger Prick Blood Tests Revolutionize Healthy Lifestyle

Have ever been to a car onboard diagnostics knows unless you run it, some malfunctions are hidden, and any superficial fix is useless. One should see the problem, to address it. So for the human body. You need a dashboard of your health to keep track of what is going on, so you can make decisions based on given information: visit a doctor, alter the way you diet, and choose the set of exercises. Vinnd is an innovative at home blood diagnostics and intelligent database helping you to know more about your health, thus, about your body too.

A healthy diet is considered to be the as prevalent way of losing weight as exercising. But why some of those “fantastic” diets working well on Hollywood stars and your next-door neighbor Nancy, simply fail on you? Simple blood test opens up a hidden secret to your body to lose weight. The trick is that according to your blood test you may find out what should you eat more and what has to be eliminated. It seems like that ‘everything with broccoli’ diet ain’t your panacea, you better stay with banana and lemon smoothies in the mornings. There is no universal dieting for everyone around the world to be healthy. Remember those god blessed people eating tons of food and not gaining any weight, while you fight for each calorie you eat? Let your blood speak out if there any food that you can eat without eating up yourself for being indulged “foodie.”

Using Vinnd is as easy 4-5 steps. You just place an order for express blood test sample to your door, perform your test, get your results right away, enter them to your phone and, voilà, Vinnd Intelligent Database will evaluate your results. Vinnd does not leave you with tricky blood results, interpreting which you will be as successful as reading ancient Greek love letter. App displays overview on your blood test with comprehensive explanations and list is food items that fit you and those you should not include in your diet anymore. Moreover, Vinnd presents recipes combining food items contributing to your healthy lifestyle.

Professors at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health claim that while diets may be trendy, weight loss is a highly personal issue that requires more sophisticated approach. It isn’t about how much you eat, but how and what. Human metabolism ain’t about pop star’s fancy diet anymore; it is about your health. Dieting has never been more conscious and easy.

Powered by machine learning, blockchain technologies Vinnd Intelligent Database is designed to revolutionize people’s lifestyle. Using blockchain smart contracts, Vinnd plans on storing personal health data in an incorruptible cryptographic database. A project is under development and launched ICO this winter. The total amount of tokens equals to 888 million; Vinnd releases the remaining 534 million tokens for ICO. ICO has started in January 18th 2018. The Vinnd team is going to present express blood testing device prototype the ICO a lot ahead than mentioned on roadmap. Vinnd is collaborating with its advisory board members on design, prototype development, software development and business modelling. Visit vinnd.io and join a new revolutionary project in personal healthcare.

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