A Review Of The 888Poker App

There’s no doubt about it: mobile gaming is big business these days. With more and more people discovering just how quick and easy it can be to enjoy a swift game of poker whenever they want, its’s not surprising that online casino operators have been equally quick to respond.

As a result, almost all have launched apps which make playing simplicity itself. 888poker is no exception but stands out from many others simply for the quality and features of its offering.

It’s quick and straightforward to download the app whether you choose to do this via Apple/Android store or the 888poker website and once you’ve done this a handy icon appears on screen making it easy to start playing.

After registering and setting up a secure sign-in, you’re all ready to go.

There’s a great choice of cash games, sit & go, and tournament plays to choose from to suit every level of experience and expertise. Offering a huge range of games such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha High and 7 Card Stud. With additional HI/LO variants in the latter two. Amazingly, you can even play any of these via a webcam to offer a truly immersive Poker experience.

On top of these fantastic classic games, you also have the opportunity to play some of 888Poker’s own creations. BLAST & SNAP Poker. With SNAP Poker being a perfect campaign to any busy commuter or casual player who just wants to play fast hands and keep their game going at lightning speed. BLAST, on the other hand, is for those eyeing the big win. With players able to win a reward up to 10,000 times their buy-in. Now who wouldn’t want to give that a try?

To help ease you into playing you also have the option of playing for real money or just on a practice level – options which you choose using a simple slider control that features in several other parts of the app.

It’s also worth mentioning here the great new player bonuses that you’ll receive from 888poker when you first join up such as the $88 free no-deposit. They’re some of the most generous you’ll find, so that’s another big plus for the app.

To further refine your playing experience, when you opt for a cash game or sit & go the same slider scale that you use for money or free play also lets you select criteria including the number of other players, your buy-in amount and whether you want to play at normal, turbo or super turbo speed.

The graphics throughout the app are clean, simple and obviously designed specifically for mobile play. So it’s always clear to see the cards and, above all, the state of the action on the table.

Another area that 888poker has taken care to consider is the issue that all too often can affect mobile play – namely loss of connection. After all, it can be very frustrating, and potentially costly, if you’ve got the hand of the day and you suddenly find your wi-fi’s gone haywire. But with 888poker’s app, you’ll be given time to reconnect before the game recommences.

Overall, reviewers have been overwhelmingly positive about 888poker’s app with a couple of minor quibbles. The first is that you have to connect via your browser to complete any financial transactions when this could have been better incorporated into the app and the second is that you are automatically allocated to a table without having the opportunity to browse.

But, in the context of an app that scores so highly in other departments, these are minor reservations unlikely to put many players off giving 888poker a go.