PR – A New Wave of Retailer and Consumer Interaction is Coming via the NAU Platform

NAU is a new platform whose primary purpose is to simplify the relationship between consumers and retailers while empowering both with the help of Blockchain technology. The team behind NAU is going to provide the world with a platform through which retailers can directly target consumers and clients without the need for third parties, aggregators, and excessive costs.

The issues in today’s digital advertising and retailer market

As of today, retailers are finding it increasingly more difficult to attract new clients despite the plethora of marketing tools available. Social media advertisements, television commercials, and even Instagram and Facebook ads are beginning to become less effective due to high volumes competition and the amount of offers that users are exposed to. Many of which cannot even be claimed by consumers. Thankfully, the NAU platform functions on a geolocational basis and utilizes a sophisticated filtering system that allows users to find offers, deals, and promotions that are within their vicinity and easy to discover.

Benefits of using NAU

NAU completely removes the need for any intermediaries, third-party advertisers, coupon aggregators, commercials, and social media targeting tactics. Retailers simply register on the platform, launch promotional offers, users see these offers, and can take advantage of them. Additionally, platform consumers can refer their friends to NAU so that they can take advantage of deals and promotions as well. All of the transactions made on the platform are backed by NAU tokens, which can easily be redeemed for fiats and other cryptocurrencies.

As previously mentioned users can enjoy rewards by referring their friends. Users are rewarded with bonuses, new promotions, and NAU tokens for each user that they refer to the platform and a retailer. Basically, the platform can be used to obtain financial benefits by anyone. The platform does a great job of allowing opinion leaders to earn funds from their social media followers as a side effect of NAU while creating a viral effect.

The NAU application and website

The NAU application, which is going to be released in December, will be available for Android and IOS. The team plans to develop native applications by 2017. An invite code is required to use NAU even if the app is found through the app store. NAU utilizes blockchain technology with its application to store user transactions and balances. Additionally, the team has implemented “hot storage” technology which allows for transactions to be executed almost immediately.

Retailers launch their offers either through the application or website. The offers that users see are based on their current location. However, the inbuilt filter system of the app can be used to filter for specific deals. Once a user claims an offer, the exchange is carried out with the use of NAU tokens, this includes fees and commissions. However, what’s great is that users can refer their friends and followers to retailers and be rewarded with NAU tokens through the platforms referral bonus system. This not only allows users to earn profits but helps businesses using NAU grow, effectively adding a lot of value to the platform and community.

NAU platform growth

The team is currently in the processes of opening up regional offices in Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Philippines, and Columbia to help promote adoption of the NAU platform in those locations. Great focus is also being devoted to creating agreements with advertisers, agents, and local opinion leaders that will help the platform grow at a significant rate. The mobile application itself is being actively developed by a team of 8 highly experienced developers, with a beta launch planned for December.

Despite the NAU platform utilizing a private Blockchain backed by MultiChain technology, users can set up their own node and monitor everything that happens on the NAU platform.

NAU has decided to use a private Blockchain in order to avoid rewarding miners for each transaction that they mine, due to the fact this does not really fit the scheme and philosophy of NAU and the microtransaction model used by the company.

ICO and token information

It is imperative to note that NAU tokens are not security tokens and they are used to pay for every transaction within the ecosystem. Additionally, token holders are not shareholders and do not receive any dividends. The team decided not to use the Ethereum protocol as each transactions is always accompanied by a fee, while the whole purpose of NAU is to allow retailers to reach consumers as cost-effective as possible. To add on to this, the team wants to avoid any lag time when the Ethereum Blockchain is under heavy use.

NAU tokens can be purchased starting on the 1st of November during the pre-ICO. One NAU token will cost $0.04 and a 35% bonus will be applied for participating investors.

The public ICO will start on the 10th of November and continue until the 17th of December. During the ICO, 300 million NAU tokens will be available for purchase. The ICO will be divided into 2 rounds and the cost of tokens will increase by the second round to $0.06 per token. Additionally, 45 million tokens will be used to cover marketing expenditures and advisor assistance.

Funds gained from the ICO will be used to help fund research, app development, legal procedures, IT infrastructure development, and other operating expenses. Acquired funds will be used to help finance NAU until the Q4 2019, at which point the platform will break even and generate profits.

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