A Crowdsale to Watch: Scorum Sports Media Platform

Scorum is a breakthrough sports media platform built on the Graphene Framework that will reshape the fan experience for sports lovers all over the world.

The platform already has prototypes of its integrated services and will open a crowdsale on January 14.

With over 1 billion fans making over 8.5 billion visits to sports websites every month, the time is now to harness the merits of blockchain technology and build a more sustainable fan community. By setting out a transparent and fair rewards system coupled with features that fans engage in and enjoy, Scorum has positioned itself at the cutting-edge of the latest transformation of sports and social media.

The Scorum Platform brings it all together

With rewards in Scorum Coin (SCR) Tokens and an internal currency for the blogging ecosystem (Scorum Power (SP) Tokens), fans on Scorum will enjoy these core services:

1) A Sports Optimized Blogging Platform (UI preview available)


The home of stunning sports content, the blogging platform is the place for sports writers of tomorrow to publish their work and build an audience that values their talent. No editors, no deadlines, no corporate sponsors to cater to. Just a sleek design, easily integrated stats visualizations, efficient editorial tools and cryptocurrency rewards curated by fans.

2) Advanced Sports Statistics Center (Check out MVP)

Sports coverage wouldn’t be the engaging industry it is today without the keen interest in stats and sports data that fans share, analyze, and dissect. An in-depth stats center is part of the Scorum platform. All fans will enjoy the latest updates from events around the world.

3) Commission-free Fantasy Sports Leagues (Check out beta version)

Scorum’s daily fantasy sports leagues offer competitive fans a chance to use their SCR in the zero-fee fantasy sports platform. Starting next week fans can enter the first competition to win signed prizes from UEFA CL Champ Alex Hleb. Once the blockchain and wallet are published in March, ScorumDraft players will be able to buy-in and win SCR tokens!

4) Commission-Free Betting

Where allowed by local gambling regulations, Scorum will offer sports bettors a commission-free exchange to place peer-to-peer bets with SCR tokens. This, along with the fantasy leagues, will not be a revenue source for Scorum, rather they bolster the utility of SCR tokens among the fans. Pro sports bettors will naturally migrate to a commission-free solution and Scorum has teamed up with SiGMA to offer its betting solution for third-party implementation.

Top Athletes Support Scorum

From NBA Champ Timofey Mozgov to EUFA Champions League Champ Alexander Hleb to NHL All-Star Nikita Kucherov, Scorum has the support and advice of some of the greats in a variety of sports. Athletes of all levels will have a new way to connect with their supportive fan base through the social aspects of the Scorum blogging platform.

The Solid Technology behind Scorum

Built on the Graphene Framework, Scorum aims to make the transition into the world of cryptocurrency seamless and stress free for sports fans. The high transaction speeds and reliable delegated proof-of-stake consensus has proven successful in other projects and are ideal for Scorum’s high-traffic ambitions.

The blockchain developers at Scorum have implemented the capability to make atomic swaps directly to the Scorum blockchain from any cryptocurrency that also supports them. To see all the work of Scorum developers, check out Github.

SCR Tokens Crowdsale

To further fund the development, marketing, and launch of Scorum, SCR tokens will be sold during the crowdsale from January 14th to February 11th. There is a hard cap of 20 million SCR created and 18.6 million will be available for the public to buy.

Don’t miss out on the cryptocurrency that will be a game-changer for the sports industry.

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