777Coin Review

777Coin is one of the many digital currency casinos available in the world today, but their selection of games sets them apart from the competition. In fact, 777Coin offers some truly unique games to Bitcoin and altcoin players, including Bit Drop, Satoshi Slider, and Bit Boxes.

Any casino platform dealing with non=refundable digital currency must provide adequate transparency, and 777Coin seems to be doing exactly that. The outcome of all of their games can be verified immediately, showing there is no hidden house edge or anything. Plus, users can try out the 777Coin platform without having to deposit funds, as they play a few test games.

Consumers who enjoy a bit of online gambling now and then want convenience and 777Coin is scoring high marks in this regard as well. There is no need to register an account, as the platform will automatically recognize you through the browser session. However, for those players willing to register an account, 777Coin offers that option as well.

Spreading the word on the 777Coin platform will allow users to earn a referral commission every time their friends place a bet and lose. Furthermore, if one of your referrals wins the jackpot, you will get a small portion of the amount as well. So far, the biggest winner took home 12,569.000 mBTC – worth slightly over 12.5 Bitcoin.

There is no denying that 777Coin has become a very popular among the digital currency community in recent times. With close to 4 million games played on the platform and a total of over 7,389 Bitcoin in bets, people seem to be enjoying their stay on the 777Coin platform. With a vast offering of different games, being provably fair, and supporting various types of digital currency, 777Coin is on the right track to becoming one of the biggest casinos in the digital currency ecosystem.

Although 777Coin shows no WHOIS information or address on their website, the long-standing history of this company on BitcoinTalk is speaking volumes about its legitimacy. With over 290 pages of comments on the 777Coin platform’s offerings, and a new signature campaign running on the forum, this platform seems to be very trustworthy.

Website: 777coin.com

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