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500,000 BET Token to be Given Away in the DAObet Game of Stakes

Blockchain-based gaming solutions and platform DAObet is introducing the Game Of Stakes, an exciting game designed to get players to work together with the DAObet developers in working towards the next important stage of release.

The platform is on the verge of unveiling the DaoBet blockchain for its native token BET, hoping to serve the iGaming 3.0 industry to offer players around the world the most user-friendly experiences possible. And now, everyone is invited to become a part of the incredible journey towards the decentralization of gaming on blockchain technology.

The Game of Stakes is a testnet game, designed to test its upcoming mainnet against all kinds of malicious attacks such as Sybil attacks and Zero Day exploits. It is hoped that the test will help the team identify security issues, mitigating risks and ensuring smooth operations and stability when the actual mainnet launches. Interested individuals meeting requirements are invited to join the game as validators running their own node in the testing of the DAObet blockchain mainnet.

The Game of Stakes

Game Of Stakes is a transparent and engaging game that allows validators to employ as many strategies as they can come up with to face down attacks and events in a competition fraught with dangers and risks. The players will compete for the validator points by providing adequate defense against internal or malicious attacks on the network, with those gathering the most points rewarded for their efforts.

A prize pot worth over 500,000 BET will be split among the best 3 validators, equaling 0.3% of all BET tokens ever issued.

Throughout the event, all player activities will be monitored and time stamped on the blockchain, available for public inspection

Play and Win. But be prepared

Validators must be able to monitor network performance with their software server and hardware devices, which should meet minimum technical requirements and guidelines. These are available at the DAObet validator channel on Telegram.  

Securing the network is the ultimate task for validators. Hence, players are required to ensure stable block production for the network, earning validator points for every successful block signed. In addition, players must deliver results that can help design a sturdy and stable fault-tolerant node infrastructure.

Throughout the entire challenge, validators must: 

  • Guarantee the capacity to support high loads and boost resistance to network attacks.
  • Complete an autonomous approach to software updating and hard forking alongside other validators
  • Understand the metrics of voting and transactions on the network. 

Game of Stakes is a complete simulation of DAObet’s upcoming mainnet. However, the game will challenge validators capabilities, by launching random attacks against them. Validators will be forced to succeed on the merit of their own intrinsic solutions.

Only the most dedicated and wiliest validators will emerge victorious in the Game of Stakes.

Got the skills? Join in the excitement now by filling out Game Of Stake special form, or get interactive now with DAOBet’s game chat.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article

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