39.08 Bitcoins Massive Win At Bitcoin Casino

There has been a massive slot win at the Bitcoincasino.us website. Someone who was playing the Endorphina Safari slot machine game hit a nice combination to win a total of 39.08 Bitcoins.

Bitcoincasino.us was quite happy to tell the public about this big win on one of their games. After all, they want people to know that there are individuals who are hitting big wins on their slots. They are transparent about that.

In this case, the username of Flip2pogi was the player who was able to win the big prize. This user was lucky to hit a lot of wild symbols that made it possible for them to hit that high of a jackpot.

The value of the 39.08 Bitcoins at the time that this particular jackpot was hit was approximately 400,000 U.S. Dollars. That is a massive win. Even at this moment with the price of Bitcoin a little lower than it was at that point, we are still talking about a six figure win.

There is a lot to be excited about when a casino posts about one of their players hitting a big win like this. It definitely helps others see that it is in fact possible to win while playing at the casino. Aside from that, it is great because people do not often think that they can really hit it big. Occasionally, when someone does manage to do so it sparks renewed interest in the games for everyone else.

A 39 Bitcoin score is a huge haul for anyone. We are talking about a currency in which people typically hold less than one whole coin in their Bitcoin wallet at any time. When someone does so well that they are able to win that many Bitcoins, it is truly life changing.

This player won enough that they could purchase a home outright in most areas of the country. That is an astounding accomplishment in and of itself. When you consider it from that prospective, it is no wonder that everyone is asking about this big win.

Slot machines do provide the element of hitting a big win like that. They are different from other games like roulette or blackjack in that you can bet a small amount and potential strike it big. Other games mostly pay even money or maybe slightly better on different bets. The only way you could win huge money on those games is to first bet huge money. Slots are different and allow the element of surprise to come into play.

When the lucky player was playing this game they undoubtedly hoped for the big win but did not expect it. They must have been shocked when all of those wild symbols lit up the screen and indicated that they had in fact just hit for a massive win on the game. That is the kind of thing that casino players live for.

The Bitcoincasino.us is just about the best place to have a win like this for the simple fact that the player can withdraw their winnings almost instantly. There is not going to be the hassle that many have had to go through in the past with trying to get their money out. This individual can just take their winnings and cash them out for U.S. Dollars on a Bitcoin exchange if they wish. They are surely going to have a smile on their face when those 39.08 Bitcoins become a massive sum of U.S. Dollars.

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