3-Day Cryptocurrency Conference Provides Rare Opportunity to Buy into the “Next Bitcoin” While It’s Still on the Ground Floor

DALLAS, TX – In February 2017, more than fifty of the most respected players in the blockchain industry are coming together for three days at Dallas/Fort Worth airport to show private investors and crypto enthusiasts where the “smart money” will be in 2018.


This time last year, Bitcoin was trading for less than $800, and, as Bitcoin rapidly approaches $12,000, investors who bought in then have effectively multiplied their wealth by more than 1,300%. Yet, according to Richard Jacobs, organizer of the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference, there could be even bigger opportunities in store for 2018 beyond Bitcoin.


“Everyone’s stoked about Bitcoin right now. And I don’t blame them, because we’ve seen it go from less than a thousand bucks to more than $10,000 in just one year”, said Mr. Jacobs. “However, what your regular, Average Joe guy doesn’t know is that there are at least a dozen other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies that are set to explode in a way that will make Bitcoin look like a firecracker – and, if you know how to play it smart, you can get in for virtually pennies. That’s why the Super Conference is about – showing folks where the smart money is, so they won’t miss out on this in 2018.”


What makes this Super Conference different from other cryptocurrency and blockchain events?


First – the line up of confirmed speakers, which include John McAfee, creator of McAfee (the world’s first commercial antivirus software), Tim Draper, the Billionaire venture capitalist, Erik Voorhees, who was featured in the Netflix documentary Banking on Bitcoin, Charlie Shrem, founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, and dozens of other developers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists – i.e. the very people behind the “next Bitcoin”, as opposed to commentators and pundits.


Second – as well as the main conference, there is also an optional “beginners track” for people who are new to cryptocurrency, so they can get up to speed on the fundamentals of this unique industry.


Third – there is also a complimentary “hackathon” for kids, teenagers, and young adults. Several of our featured speakers, who are founders and advisors of actual blockchain startups, will put them into small teams and coach them through the process of designing and developing a working prototype.


Registration for the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference is still open. However, those who interested in attending are advised to register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, since more than 80% of allocated spots have been sold and barely 100 tickets remain available.


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About the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference:
This three-day conference will be held at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport from Friday February 16th to Sunday February 18th, 2018. We are expecting more than 800 attendees, at least 50 headline speakers, and upward of 50 exhibitors – with talks from founders, developers, and early-stage investors of blockchain startups, including many that are planning ICOs throughout 2018.


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