Ethereum Price Can Lead To Major Platform Integration

While it’s too early to state how a mind shift is happening from Bitcoin to other digital currencies, interesting things are bound to happen over the next few years. Due to the recent Ethereum price increase, many people see this project as a valuable complement to Bitcoin. The big question is what will happen if major companies and services start adding Ethereum to their Bitcoin-centric platforms. Or to be more precise, if that will ever occur in the first place.

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Future Integration If Ethereum Price Keeps Increasing?

TheMerkle_Future Integration Ethereum Price

Ethereum has been getting a lot of attention from digital currency users and investors in recent months. The platform is labelled as a Bitcoin 2.0 project, as it uses blockchain technology and offers additional features on top of what Bitcoin is capable of. But that does not necessarily mean it will be integrated with platforms which are providing Bitcoin services right now.

Over the past few months, a multitude of exchange platforms has added the Ethereum digital currency, as they want to cash in on all of the excitement and investment flowing into Ether right now. For those looking to either buy or sell Ether, platforms such as Kraken and Anycoin Direct are all offering easy ways to convert to and from fiat currency on the fly.

A recent post on Reddit talks about how the future of Bitcoin services could look if they were to integrate Ethereum into their offerings. For example, what would happen if Circle or Coinbase decided to add Ether functionality? This would certainly make it easier and more convenient for users to buy and sell Ethereum,  which will probably push the price up even more.

But at the same time, Ethereum is not the first digital currency to be called in the same breath as Bitcoin. Just a few years ago, people were getting very excited about the launch of Litecoin, and what it could mean to Bitcoin platforms.  As it turns out, Litecoin is added to very few platforms, and not too much happening there regarding development.

Ethereum is quite different, though, as the development of this project has only just begun. Similar to Bitcoin, the Ethereum protocol will take years, if not decades, to fully unlock its potential. But that is not a bad thing, as the current Ethereum price is indicating a growing demand for this project, even before development has come to fruition.

It remains unclear as to whether or not major platforms will integrate Ethereum at some point although the possibility is certainly there. There is no denying the potential offered by Ethereum and the developers, as this project could shake up things in the digital currency world by quite a margin. The recent Ethereum price increase could just be a sign of things to come.

Source: Reddit

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  • little-lucy

    R3 is also using bots on the polo exchange to pump Eth.. Its only has volume on one exchange polo where they use api bots to set price,
    the other small exchanges just follow.
    everyone should get on this to make easy money from trading, they pump it for a long time to set new highs to generate press which is good for the coin. nice to get market volume. key is not to get greedy & get out before they top as they sell at the top & take profits.

    Bots control the price range, the volume is not real, the same bot sells back & forth moving the price up, you cant short it,

    if you try to short the bot just replenishes those coins within half a second,

    thats why charting rules dont apply, have you seen the eth chart? nothing like it.

    Manipulation at its best.

    it gets pumped without any corrections, there is 77 million coins in circulation most of that is owned by the same people so the higher they take the price the more they sell to the top..

    that’s why its only on one exchange so Manipulation is easy, if it was on any other big exchange with high Bitcoin volume it wouldn’t be manipulated so easily.

    i actually agree with the developers not allowing the shorting on margin calls as if they didnt stop the shorts price would be lees than a 1$,

    its not fair to short the life out of something using margin when there is no demand yet, so you created the demand., as nobody knows about the coin, there is no real demand, the only way to create the volume & demand is to show people how much money they could make out of this in the next pump…

    its a much faster way to get market share creating fake volume showing a bullish trend to suck people in. its a ponzi but not a long term one just short term to get more genuine volume, pumping to get it noticed.

    you can see this for yourself on polo the only exchange with the volume, easy to see in the order book & you already noticed it, like you said its broken all the rules.

    This tech has a great future they just want to make it happen faster using the price to get publicity which is working & i personally like it.

    if you can speed up the mass adoption using manipulation you should do it, happens in every market.

    take the bull by the horns & drag it up, why not…

    • tb1981

      I also believe eth is manipulated (95% sure). One way to tell is to watch for an abundance of tiny sell orders. That is probably the pumpers cashing out.

      Regarding all press is good press (I disagree when it comes to big business and money).
      Same thing helped bitcoin gain press and then real businesses wanted nothing to do with the “ponzi scheme” (their words). If you are confident in your product then the hype shouldn’t matter. My favorite pr is Ripple, I am a btc guy still but Ripple devs don’t take time to tweet and argue like a bunch of high school children. They are coding. Ripple doesn’t announce their 40 banks over and over again like R3 (and Ripple has over 90 banks) because Ripple knows their audience (btw – Ripple may have a stronger relationship with Microsoft then Ethereum). Shorting and making money off these pump and dump schemes based purely on speculation is great but in the end… the winner will be one that plays by the rules and is easily integrated into existing systems. AND has the more stable or steady price incline (less volatility) to not scare off the big dogs. You might not be a millionaire in the morning holding XRP but in 3 years you will probably be very pleased.

      • cbartley17

        what makes you think they have a better relationship with Microsoft?

        • earonesty

          They have monthly meetings at MS headquarters in NY

  • digggst

    you’re a bot

    • tb1981

      you’re blue jeans

  • earonesty

    Litecoin has nothing to do with ethereum. Litecoin is a bitcoin fork with some adjustments. Actually I think Litecoin’s shorter block times (and commensurate smaller reward) should be adopted by bitcoin – it doesn’t have an orphan problem.