Coinigy – 24 Bitcoin Exchanges Accessible From 1 Platform


Many digital currency exchanges claim to have “advanced” trading tools, but they all fail miserably compared to what Coinigy offers. The Wisconsin-based platform is not an exchange per se, but a cloud-based access hub – through which traders have access to 24 different cryptocurrency exchanges. The Coinigy platform does not hold any funds, traders execute their orders through the API which just passes the execution information to each exchange. The user interface and charting options on the Coinigy platform are impressive to say the least; portfolio management tools; every kind of drawing tool a trader will ever need; an entire library of technical indicators; every order type imaginable. For arbitrage traders and speculators: this kind of functionality and multi-exchange access from a central locations – is a dream come true! The platform is currently accessible only through a traditional browser, but mobile applications for Android and iOS are currently in development. This amazing feature-rich platform can be trialed for 30 days free of charge, after which a 0.092 BTC/month fee applies. Coinigy recently received $100,000 in seed funding, to further develop and expand their platform. Derek Urben, Financial and Business adviser to Coinigy, revealed how the idea of Coinigy came to fruition in a Q&A session with BTCFeed:



Can you provide some background information on how the development team came together, and how the idea of Coinigy came about?

Childhood friends Rob Borden and William Kehl became early Bitcoin adopters and supporters, and soon after became active Bitcoin miners and traders. After witnessing the good, the bad, and the ugly in terms of exchanges and services available to traders in the marketplace, Rob and William felt there was a growing need for robust and complete enterprise level trading tools and services. They also agreed that there needed to be a platform that was transparent, with excellent customer support, and open communication with the development team. With this in mind, they set out to create their own multi-platform exchange hub which has evolved into Coinigy. The platform has been developed from the ground up to give a 360’ view of the cryptocurrency markets and your holdings, providing real-time data feeds, portfolio tracking and order management across a multitude of exchanges and devices.

Can you comment/give any indication as to who the investors are, behind the recent $100,000 seed funding round?

Coinigy has been funded by a local Wisconsin investor with close ties to the founders through prior business interests. This investor is not involved in traditional Angel circles and chooses to remain nameless at this time. Specific information can be provided off the record if necessary. This seed round has given Coinigy the capital needed to expand operations, speed up production of new and better services and ensure availability of Coinigy’s products and services for the long term.

Can you provide any insights on future functionality and additions to the Coinigy platform?

Coinigy will continue to diversify its product portfolio with a central goal of providing products and services to professional and institutional cryptocurrency traders and investors.  The Coinigy Exchange Hub, Android and iOS apps will continue to be the test bed for our API which will allow developers to tap into our robust pipeline of real time data and standardized cross-exchange trading capabilities using either the FIX or HTTP API.  Coinigy aims to become the global leader in Bitcoin trading and investing services for professional and institutional traders. Additionally, we hope to expand on social features for traders to gather and talk about their ideas, goals and strategies. We have a number of other ideas for Bitcoin related products and services such as option pools and other new and existing ideas we’re exploring.  Most of all, we want Coinigy to be the best, most trusted platform of trading products and services for anyone in the Bitcoin space and will continue to make the platform the best it can be.

Can you provide any tentative date on the launch of the Coinigy mobile applications and which mobile platforms will be supported?

We are currently in the final stages of testing for the Android app and it will be released before summer for all Coinigy subscribers.  The iOS app is also nearing completion of development, lagging just slightly behind the Android app which is being used as the model of proper functionality for the pair.


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