Blockchain Database Startup Darcrus Aids Enterprises In DLT Transition

The number of blockchain projects currently in development is virtually impossible to count. Darcrus, a new project focusing on creating top-notch dapps, aims to help enterprises venture into the world of distributed ledger technology. This transition only seems to be a matter of time, and a helping partner can make the process a lot easier.

The Darcrus Project And The Future of Dapps

From the get-go, it becomes apparent that Darcrus is not your average project by any means. The Darcrus Token, also known as DAR, has been in existence since April of 2016. Investors have been earning a stream of passive revenue since that data, as dividends are based on the earnings of the SIGFARM mining operations. Moreover, the profit gained from selling Darcrus software and consulting services is also returned to token holders.

In fact, Darcrus has one project that will come to fruition in May of 2017. dAppsheet is a decentralized application capable of duplicating a company’s infrastructure onto a blockchain-based system. Any enterprise dealing with tracking, billing, or service desk operations can benefit from this concept. SQL server structures are replaced with a real-time information stream on a distributed ledger. Moreover, leveraging the power of blockchain turns every local office into a “recovery hub” for other branches.

As is the case with any project focusing on blockchain technology, funding is of the utmost importance. Darcrus is currently going through its ICO round, and over 460 Bitcoin has been raised so far. Once an ICO pledge is made, the investor will receive his NXT-based tokens shortly afterward. There is a plan to move these tokens onto the Waves blockchain system in the future, once that platform and its decentralized asset exchange are fully operational.

The Darcrus token will issue rewards to its holders through a Proof of Holding system. Stacking rewards will be provided, but not in the traditional proof-of-take fashion. In fact, the system works rather similarly to Dash masternode payments, according to the developers. Users can receive rewards either through a buyback program, exchange, or disbursement over the NXT and Waves native systems.

Future plans for Darcrus include ensuring that companies can benefit from a great user experience when transitioning into the blockchain ecosystem. Consultancy services are provided and will continue to be, as there is a high demand for this service among companies who are yet to venture into distributed ledger technology territory.

Investors who still want to participate in the Darcrus ICO have a few more weeks to do so. The campaign began on November 21st and is scheduled to run for three full weeks. Investing early is subject to bonus tokens, as is the case with virtually any initial offering these days.  A community bounty program is available as well, which is definitely worth checking out.

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