ANXPro Deposit Issues Still Not Resolved After Ten Days

Trouble seems to be brewing over at ANXPro, a company well-known for its bitcoin trading and debit card services. Roughly ten days ago, the company announced the temporary suspension of bank wire and SEPA deposit services, a matter which has still not been resolved since. Withdrawals should not be affected by this announcement, though, but any company unable to accept payments does not appear to be in a good shape.

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ANXPro Deposit Issues Continue

TheMerkle_Deposit Issues ANXPro

Most people active in the world of digital currency and Bitcoin will know the name ANXPro as one of the leading platforms to trade cryptocurrency. Buying and selling some of the top digital currencies in exchange for fiat currency is the bread and butter of this platform, and ANXPro offers a wide range of deposit options for customers all over the world.

Or that used to be the case, until February 16th. On this day, ANXPro made the announcement regarding the suspension of Bank Wire and SEPA deposits, affecting users from all over the world. While no further details were given as to why this suspension was necessary in the first place, the company promised to resolve the matter in the next 48 hours.

Fast forward to today – February 26th – and Bank Wire and SEPA deposits are still unavailable to ANXPro users. Despite this issue lasting for ten days now, the company has failed to provide any meaningful update on the website. Social media is not helping matters either, as there is no mention of these issues whatsoever.

However, the company did report on issue on February 17th regarding issues with accessing the ANX suite of services. That issue was resolved shortly afterwards, and it remains unknown to this very day as to what was going on exactly. One thing is crystal clear for everyone though: ANXPro is not the best at communicating with its users regarding platform issues.

Unfortunately for ANXPro users, there are other issues plaguing the platform as well. Various users have reported previous wire transfer deposits not being credited to their account before the suspension was announced. Based on a reply by an ANXPro representative, all of the pending deposits have been credited to accounts, and Chinese holidays were blamed for the delays. Something strange seems to be going on with this platform for sure, although it is rather difficult to pinpoint the exact cause.

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  • Olga da Polga

    This is not the first time ANX have had problems. I experienced an unusually long delay in having a deposit credited to my account in May 2015. I got quite worried because I was afraid the company was about to go out of business, and they were ignoring all my emails. The deposit was eventually credited but I lost confidence in them and haven’t touched them since.

  • John

    Note resolved after 10 days? Ha! Still cannot accept simple bank transfers 11 months later. And cannot get a straight answer from ANX why not. Major credibility issue and massive inconvenience if you are not physically in Hong Kong and carrying wads of cash notes into their office.